Project Management

Hi, folks! I spent my first 10+ years as a digital artist with no clue where to put my files, or how to label them, or how to keep a calendar together, or basically not how to be a complete mess.

Then I got a job as an account manager at YellowDog Printing & Graphics, and the thing about print production is there is NO TIME to mess around, and you can't afford to let projects fall off your radar, or miss deadlines, or screw up a project detail, because people get very angry when they don't get their event materials in time for their event. When there are 100+ complex print jobs spread out over the week you can't mess around.

So they've got their system figured out. And I actually kind of love it? I'd spent a year or two prior to working at YellowDog messing around with Trello but I didn't really understand how to make it into something that didn't create more work than it saved.

So I stole some elements from their boards and updated it so I could use it for my own freelance gigs.